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Foldstruct leads the construction4.0 revolution

FOLDSTRUCT creates optimized buildings using AI algorithms.

Using our automated design-to-fabrication platform- DEVELOPERS, PLANNERS AND CONTRACTORS  can achieve optimized projects for mainstream budgets like never before.

featured in world leading events and media


Foldstruct's unique design-to-fabrication technology allows any standard project to reach high detail levels like never before and ensure quality, cost and sustainability in a few clicks instead of months of planning.


Foldstruct's allows breaking the boundaries of standard repetitive buildings using smart digital manufacturing. Mass customization is now available like never before with robotic fabrication, and we develop the tools to bring it to the masses.

Foldstruct reduces material to a bare minimum while creating energy efficient performance. No need for expensive molds or endless unique parts, we embed the automated manufacturing technologies to reach mass customization.

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