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Image by Nathan Waters
Image by Evgeniy Surzhan


What we do:

Foldstruct provides planning and consulting services for real estate developers, GC's construction corporates, government organizations and investment firms looking to create the most advanced and smart buildings possible.


Interested in consulting? Our hourly consulting rate is 300$/hr commenced

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Client types:

Real Estate Developers, Planners (AEC), Government Organizations, GC's, software companies, VC's, CVC's.

Specialty fields:

  • Iconic and sustainable design

  • Customized facades and envelopes

  • Optimization for automated methods

  • Construction 4.0 methodologies

  • AI design and parametric BIM

  • Corporate innovation and new products

  • Digital fabrication and novel materials

  • Startup and ecosystem development 

  • New markets penetration and strategy

Let’s Work Together

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