upcoming events:​

11.11.19- Tel Aviv

BED- International Building envelope symposium

Tal Friedman, Foldstruct CEO will be giving a keynote on advanced building envelopes and digital fabrication for the face industry.

8.9.19- Stockholm

Bricsys Conference- Stockholm

Tal Friedman, Foldstruct CEO will give a keynote on novel parametric workflows to industry leaders in the AEC industry.

20.11.19- Helsinki

RECOTECH- Tal Friedman, Foldstruct CEO will give a keynote on how to integrate advanced digital design and construction for the real estate sector to create iconic buildings and increase ROI.



10.6.19 NXTBLD- London

 Tal Friedman, Foldstruct CEO presents at the NXTBLD Conference in London, one of the industry's leading construction tech events.


BAU19- Foldstruct participates with a booth at the world's largest construction fair, located in Munich, with over 250,00 visitors, as a part of the digital village.