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plan smart=build smart

Foldstruct helps plan and design best fit projects for residential, commercial and public projects. Our philosophy is to minimize construction into it's most basic elements and create design that is both desirable and buildable, while remaining in budget. to do this, we use Foldstruct's proprietary design tools and AI algorithms, ensuring best fit design for manufacturing and CO2 reduced buildings. If you would like to see what your project can look like suing the latest technologies, don't hesitate to reach out .



Our mission is to help real estate developers, planners and contractors reach optimal building while saving cost time and complexities. Using AI, we enhance the design to construction capabilities and allow sustainable builings to be built like never before.


Our vision is to enable any project- from iconic scrapers to affordable housing to become a smart "living machine" and bring the building of tomorrow to the masses. These buildings incorporate smart manufacturing, smart materials, performance and optimal pricing, allowing millions of people worldwide to enhance their well being, regardless of their budget. We believe that where there is heart and soul, architecture thrives. It is our job to enable this well being across the globe  using our technology.

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